Monday, February 29, 2016

A week in Montego Bay at the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall

There are certain milestones in life that you wait for impatiently. One thing I'd been looking forward to was our honeymoon (let's put the all-important wedding part aside for a moment). My husband and I had never traveled together further than where a car could bring us for many reasons but it never seemed right to splurge on vacation... until our honeymoon. Today, I'm glad we waited because our stay at the Hyatt Ziva Rose Hall in Jamaica was magical. It was my husband's first all inclusive and although being waited on hand and foot isn't really our style, we definitely appreciated the fact that everything was always taken care of for us. We basically never had the slightest worry in the world other than enjoy each other's company and enjoy what the resort had to offer. How about, cocktail hour by the piano signing Sweet Caroline? Yes, please. 

One thing most people worry about is food. I think it's safe to say that I doubt I will ever eat so well elsewhere in the Caribbean. Every meal we had was just as good as any top restaurant in Montreal. Seared tuna, coquille St-Jacques, lobster tail... just to name a few of our favourites. As some of you may have read elsewhere, the Hyatt in Montego Bay is divided into two resorts: an adult only (Zilara) and a family friendly resort (Ziva). Some say that when you stay at the Ziva you aren't allowed to access the restaurants on the Zilara side, however after speaking with staff we were informed we could eat pretty much anywhere except for breakfast at Horizon which didn't really matter to us as we had plenty of other options. There are basically so many restaurants on this resort that you won't have time to try them all during your week's stay. 

Other than eating our other favourite activity was to play bacon on the beach and run splashing into the sea (watch out for some rocky patches though!). I could have stayed on that beach forever just looking at the sea and hearing the waves crash into the rocks. Just absolutely breathtaking. 

The Hyatt definitely nailed the all-inclusive experience. Just a fun fact, the Hyatt is actually the old Ritz Carleton. You can definitely feel the original elegance of the previous resort. I read they also opened a new resort in Cancun which I'm sure will not disappoint. 

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy New Year!

Photo by Grey Sparrow Studio, photographers : Jean-Michel Lacombe and Kim Hurley (website here)
Photo by Grey Sparrow Studio, photographers : Jean-Michel Lacombe and Kim Hurley (website here)
Post wedding trip to Quebec City
Kygo concert at Osheaga 2015 in Parc Jean-Drapeau
Île-d'Orléans post wedding trip
2015 was filled with long term projects coming to a close which was extremely gratifying. After two years of working on our house, we finally have a home but best of all it is also the year where we said YES after 12 years of dating. It was a huge year and the bar is set quite high for 2016 but one thing that I did learn from the past twelve months is to be grateful for what you already have and to work hard for what you want. 

Happy 2016!

Ps. In my sprinkle of favorite pictures of 2015, I included two pictures from our wedding photographed by Grey Sparrow Studio. They are simply the best. You can view their gallery on their website here.
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