Sunday, March 22, 2015

Dates With Goat Cheese Wrapped In Prosciutto + Stuffed Mushrooms

Sweet and salty bite-size stuffed medjool dates. So delicious.
Little army of stuffed dates ready to impress guests
Savoury bread crumb and goat cheese stuffed mushrooms
Liberally sprinkling red pepper flakes. Spicy!
We all know dinner parties can be stressful to plan but there are ways to avoid panic. Put a twist on a classic (with these stuffed mushrooms) or try mixing flavours to wow guests (cue: dates with goat cheese). Both are quick and easy options!

Dates with Goat cheese wrapped in Prosciutto:

I've said this before on the blog: I'm not a fan of dry dates and I surely don't eat them as a snack. Although I can eat a ton of chocolate and feel absolutely great (all lies, I always feel guilty), dry dates are on a sweetness level of their own.

As it happens, this is the second time I share a recipe with dates and I can now say that I've learned to appreciate and balance their sweetness in baking (as seen here) and now while cooking!

The trick? Mixing sweet (dates) with salty (Prosciutto and goat cheese). Just add a basil leaf in between, broil the batch for a few minutes until golden brown and you just made yourself some delicious appetizers. Full recipe found here.

Stuffed Mushrooms:

A twist on a classic. This recipe from Martha Stewart (found here) is easy to make and a guaranteed home run.

Hope I made you a little hungry!

Thursday, March 19, 2015

I welcome you Spring

 This time of year always has a particular effect on me. I wake up groggy because it's dark outside (I'm still complaining about daylight savings time over here..)  but by the time I'm ready to leave the sun is so bright and warm (with that spring feel) that I'm bouncing off the walls. These pictures explain EXACTLY what I mean.  

Have a wonderful Friday!
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