Sunday, May 25, 2014

A Cucumber and Mint Gin and Tonic Recipe


We finally got there! Montreal was finally blessed with true summer weather. To kick off the bbq season, we made seasoned pork chops on the grill and accompanied the meal with a cucumber, tomato and creamy feta salad. Instead of pulling out a bottle of wine, I reached for the gin. 

I have a love affair with gin. Gin and tonic is the only drink I order when I'm out and about galavanting in the city (ok, I'm guilty of ordering a mojito from time to time). What is surprising is that I've never actually made myself one at home. Until now. Since I had a spare cucumber and just recently planted fresh herbs in a planter, I mixed up a cucumber and mint gin and tonic. 

The How-To:

It's easy peasy and the result is a treat for the eyes. You do not need any fancy tools for this one. First, place the mint leaves along with half of the pealed and diced lebanese cucumber in your glass. Lebanese cucumbers are the perfect size, however an english kind will do as well. Peel the cucumber, slice it in half lenghtwise and then slice it crosswise to get small pieces. 

With the end of a wooden stirring spoon, lightly mash the mint leaves and cucumbers in your drinking glass.

Add a few pieces of crushed ice. Pour the gin, add the tonic, garnish with your mint stem, stir and voilĂ , it's ready to enjoy. If you want a bit of a kick you can (optional) add some fresh lime juice. 

For the cucumber on a toothpick garnish, take the other half of the cucumber and slide it carefully on a mandolin (needless to remind you how sharp those are!). Roll it and secure with a tooth pick!

Eat the leftover cucumber (hey, test control!) and you're done. Like I said, easy peasy!

Have a lovely Sunday! xo


  1. Amazing content and beautiful pictures. This is a easy and enjoyable recipe.

  2. lovely blog :)


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